Pest Management Tips For Lodging Facilities

Lodging services entirely depend on good customer review and a detailed servicing procedure. Whether it’s a vacation, business trips, or for any other reason, people prefer to stay at hotels and lodges. Now, when clients pay for the room, they expect some basic hygiene facilities. Among the list, pest control services are one of the most important criteria. And to some extent, pest control services are mandatory. No one will like to see cockroaches in their hotel room. And if it happens to be any rodent, the lodge or hotel is going to face a severely criticized comment regarding their services. And one negative comment on pest control is enough to damage your years of reputation. Therefore, make sure to keep a close eye to avoid any pest infestations in your hotels and lodges.

However, it takes an expert to identify possible pest infestation. Therefore, we have gathered the top 10 pest management tips to stop pest infestations for your lodging facilities.

10 Topmost Popular Pest Management Tips For Lodging Facilities

Cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs, spiders, termites are some of the frequent pests at hotels and lodges. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to avoid pest infestation. And with these top 10 easy pest control methods, you can prevent their occurrence. So without further delay, let’s get started with the top 10 pest management tips for lodging facilities.

1. Pests tend to prefer to hide in damp and dark areas. Therefore, make sure to clean the corner with irregular light from time to time. You can also vacant the place to leave no place for hiding.

2. Bed bug infestations are tricky to find. Therefore, you need to check the bedsheets and mattress regularly. Don’t forget to clean the furniture and curtains thoroughly. For that, you have to instruct your housekeeping staff to check and change the bedsheets after guests leave and before they check into the room.

3. Damaged cartons and boxes are one the simplest ways to infest hotels and lodges. Therefore, ask your hotel staff to discard the boxes after receiving the parcels. Also, ensure that the discarded cartoons are far away from the place.

4. The damp and moist condition is ideal for pest infestation. On top of that, fibres are the main source of food for pests. So, you should not keep any of them near your hotels and lodges.

5. Pests like wasps, honey bees, spiders, and cockroaches grow in dirty and unmaintained areas. Therefore, make sure to clean the surrounding vegetation in check. Also, during the monsoon, the vegetation grows fast. As a result, the pests reproduce to spread more pest infestation.

6. Even if you have gardens in your lodge and hotel, put a fence to separate the garden from the lawn and building. You have to trim the plants from time to time to keep them in control.

7. Lodges dump a huge amount of garbage every day. And the wastages are an ideal place for pests to consume food. Therefore, male sure to clean the dustbin every day. And if it is not possible, make sure to cover the dustbin properly.

8. Pipelines and sewage systems can give access to the pests to the lodge. Therefore, always keep the pipelines in check. Also, the ground floor tends to go through damages more than other floors. Therefore, repair the holes and damages on the wall right away to avoid possible pest infestations.

9. Daily cleaning is mandatory to inhibit pest infestations. The feces and dust mites from the pests can attract other pests to the place. Therefore, if you can keep the surrounding clean, the pests won’t get any access to the hotels and lodges.

10. Last but not least, hotels and lodges are commercial sites. Therefore, it is mandatory to hire a professional pest control agency and run a detailed pest inspection on the entire floor. Moreover, as a pest control license is essential to carry forward any commercial business, it is better to do pest control once or twice a year. Nowadays, integrated pest management is getting popular day by day. Therefore, look for a professional pest controller near you and let the expert provide you with the best solution.

Pests are as frequent as you can think. Therefore, you cannot eliminate them permanently from your lodge and hotel. You can only tackle them with a healthy and detailed pest control practice. So, follow the tips and tricks to avoid pest infestations in your lodge and hotel. If the situation gets out of control, you can hire Pest Control Kallaroo near you.